Job board

Work variety at MiE

At MiE, all necessary work steps are carried out at modern, high-quality equipped workstations. This ranges from the assembly of individual components to the complete system. Each system leaves our production hall calibrated and freshly painted.
We transport the systems to the customer with our own team and truck.
There they are installed and checked by our technicians.
Customer instruction is provided by our internally trained application specialists.
Our well-developed network of trained service technicians enables us to deliver and maintain a high standard of quality. The technicians are equipped with modern measuring equipment and attractive, neutral company vehicles.
Short decision-making processes and close customer contact enable us to respond quickly to customer requests and implement them.
We welcome and encourage an independent, thinking way of working.

Diversity and equal opportunities

Courtesy, fairness and respect between colleagues is a core part of our corporate social responsibility. We consider the colorful composition of people from different cultural backgrounds to be a great enrichment. Discrimination on the basis of ethnic or national affiliation, gender, religion, ideology, age, disability or sexual identity has no place at our company. Here, people work with people – no matter how different they are.