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We have produced gamma camera and PET systems since 1981 for the complete nuclear imaging medical market of the nuclear medical diagnostic. We provide for the discriminating and price sensitive market.

All our systems are produced according to current medical and technical requirements. The experience and the know-how since 1974 form the development of our data and image processing unit SCINTRON. This diagnostic prospects are also available for the veterinary market.

Accredited service, constantly care of our hard- and software and time accordant design show our capacities.

Since 1994 MiE America, Inc. has been in business to provide a better service to our america customers. MiE America, Inc. is located in Elk Grove Village, IL, USA.

The MiE GmbH is in accordance with EN ISO 13485 certified and our gamma camera systems are with Annex II of Directive 93/42/EWG approved. Also, we are registered at the FDA – our systems are 510(k) approved since 1995. This extensive certification is the basis for the manufacture and distribution of medical products on the world market.

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Our team consists of subject-specific trained specialists:

graduated business people

industry merchants

office merchants

instrument mechanics

motor vehicle mechanics

precision mechanics

electronic technicans

electronic engineers

industrial engineers

computer scientists

hardware developers




Sustainability is in MiE’s genes, because remanufacturing machines has been the basis of our success since the company was founded in 1981.

The combination of new developments and wear-free components is sustainable, constructive and future-oriented. Every component, every assembly is put through its paces, regardless of age.

Highly integrated electronics, durable mechanics and state-of-the-art software techniques form powerful large-scale devices in diagnostic medical technology.

With our Scintron upgrades, gamma cameras and PET scanners can be operated far beyond the end-of-life and end-of-service specified by the OEM – with all the benefits of a new system! This not only saves resources but is even more economical than buying a new complete system. A real win-win situation!

But we are also pushing the issue of sustainability behind the scenes:
Packaging material is reused, an organic delivery service supplies us with fresh fruit, and our newly installed photovoltaic system produces about 100 MWh of electricity year after year. This has enabled us to achieve a 31% self-sufficiency rate and avoid over 160 tons of CO₂.

Our employees can charge their hybrid or electric vehicles at the in-house charging stations, as company cars can also already be chosen as such, depending on the area of operation.

Social commitment

MiE is involved in social projects and in the field of education with donations in kind and cash donations. For example, a class set of tablets was donated to an elementary school, the construction of a dirt park for BMX bikes was supported, and the local sports club was equipped with a ride-on lawn mower.

Work variety at MiE

At MiE, all necessary work steps are carried out at modern, high-quality equipped workstations. This ranges from the assembly of individual components to the complete system. Each system leaves our production hall calibrated and freshly painted.
We transport the systems to the customer with our own team and truck.
There they are installed and checked by our technicians.
Customer instruction is provided by our internally trained application specialists.
Our well-developed network of trained service technicians enables us to deliver and maintain a high standard of quality. The technicians are equipped with modern measuring equipment and attractive, neutral company vehicles.
Short decision-making processes and close customer contact enable us to respond quickly to customer requests and implement them.
We welcome and encourage an independent, thinking way of working.

Diversity and equal opportunities

Courtesy, fairness and respect between colleagues is a core part of our corporate social responsibility. We consider the colorful composition of people from different cultural backgrounds to be a great enrichment. Discrimination on the basis of ethnic or national affiliation, gender, religion, ideology, age, disability or sexual identity has no place at our company. Here, people work with people – no matter how different they are.


Medical technology relies on high-performance materials and metals. MiE separates these raw materials from discarded products and returns them to the economic cycle.