About us

We have produced gamma camera and PET systems since 1981 for the complete nuclear imaging medical market of the nuclear medical diagnostic. We provide for the discriminating and price sensitive market.

All our systems are produced according to current medical and technical requirements. The experience and the know-how since 1974 form the development of our data and image processing unit SCINTRON. This diagnostic prospects are also available for the veterinary market.

Accredited service, constantly care of our hard- and software and time accordant design show our capacities.

Since 1995 MiE America, Inc. has been in business to provide a better service to our america customers. MiE America, Inc. is located in Elk Grove Village, IL, USA.

The MiE GmbH is in accordance with EN ISO 13485 certified and our gamma camera systems are with Annex II of Directive 93/42/EWG approved. Also, we are registered at the FDA – our systems are 510(k) approved since 1995. This extensive certification is the basis for the manufacture and distribution of medical products on the world market.

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Our team consists of subject-specific trained specialists:

graduated business people

industry merchants

office merchants

industrial engineers

instrument mechanics

motor vehicle mechanics

precision mechanics

electronic technicans

electronic engineers

computer scientists

hardware developers