Digital High-Resolution PET/CT

uMI® 780

Precision. Efficient.

The uMI 780 streamlines PET/CT workflow. Built with uEXPLORER® PET technology inside, the uMI 780 enables ultra-fast, high-resolution scanning. Born with AI, this system utilizes AI-empowered workflow and AI image reconstruction based on total-body data. This scanning powerhouse enables maximum patient throughput and flexibility for both PET/CT and CT scans.

Ultra-Fast High-Resolution Imaging

The large 30 cm axial digital PET field of view (FOV) with 2.9 mm NEMA resolution and the 160-slice CT with 0.25 mm isotropic spatial resolution improves quantitative accuracy and small lesion detectability.

Intelligent Clinical Efficiency

The uMI 780, born with AI, enables high-speed scanning without sacrificing image quality by combining the advanced AI iterative reconstruction engine trained with uEXPLORER® total-body PET data and a predictive AI-empowered workflow.

Protect Your Investment

United Imaging continually meets your needs with a fully configured diagnostic CT that can be used as a standalone or back-up system, automated quality control programs, multiple radiopharmaceutical support and All-In Configurations™.

Founded on Innovation

Innovation that Delivers

Designed for Operational Excellence

The air-cooled uMI 780 digital PET/CT maintains a stable temperature environment for consistent detector performance with minimal infrastructure investment. The digital detector design with low-voltage power uses less energy than the traditional PMT-based design with high voltage power.

Redefining Clinical Flexibility with CT

This fully configured 160-slice diagnostic CT produces high image quality with low radiation dose that can be used as a standalone or back-up CT for advanced Radiology procedures.

Fast PET and CT Exam

The 30 cm axial FOV PET combined with a 160-slice CT system enables fast whole-body scanning to increase patient throughput and maximize patient comfort.

Quality Control Made Easy

No radioactive sources are required for automatic daily QC, reducing radiation exposure to the operator. Periodic full QC supports both liquid 18F and solid 68Ge sources.

Outcome of Innovation