DaTSCAN Program

The purpose of the program is to display the presynaptic dopamine transporter (DAT) binding to differentiate Parkinson’s desease from a less debiliating neurologic disorder calles essential tremor.

Before calculation of the ratios the user have to mark the ROls in the tranversal slices. The results will be displayed clearly and easy to comprehensible.

IBZM – Calculation

The program permits also the processing of IBZM studies. The work procedure is the same as in DaTSCAN evaluation.

The IBZM calculation represents the display of the postsynaptic dopamin D2 receptors status, in order to represent and distinguish a Parkinson’s disease from other parkinsonian syndromes (e.g. multiple syndrom atro- phy).

Brain Perfusion

The software processes reconstructed and reoriented brain perfusion studies.

Transverse and coronal slices of a study can be evaluated by calculating the ratio between two ROIs. Therefore every slice can be segmented and allocated into left and right side to define corresponding ROIs. The defined ROIs and the calculated ratios are summarized displayed and can be printed out for documentation.

  • slice analysis of the right and left side hemispheres
  • axissymmetric Isocontour-ROI subdevided into 1 to 12 areas  (segmentes, horizontal or vertical slices)
  • slice processing for allocation into right and left (rotation / shift)
  • for further comparisons additional ROIs can be defined for each layer